What Is the WLY Complete Save Bank Charge?

The WLY Complete Save bank charge often appears on statements and can confuse account holders. This charge typically indicates a subscription or membership to a service called WLY Complete Save, a discount and savings program that offers various benefits and rebates on purchases.

What is WLY Complete Save?

WLY Complete Save is a membership program designed to provide savings on a variety of purchases, including shopping, dining, and travel. Members often receive discounts, cashback offers, and exclusive deals. The service is usually promoted through online ads or partner websites, and users may sign up either knowingly or inadvertently.

How does WLY work?

WLY Complete Save works by charging a monthly or annual fee to members in exchange for access to discounts and cashback offers. Once enrolled, members can log in to the WLY Complete Save website to find deals and offers that they can use for their purchases. The membership fee is automatically deducted from the payment method provided during the sign-up process.

Why am I seeing a charge for WLY Complete Save on my bank statement?

You may see a charge for WLY Complete Save on your bank statement if you have signed up for the membership, either intentionally or by accident. Sometimes, the charge appears after accepting a trial offer that automatically converts into a paid membership if not canceled within a certain period.

What should I do if I see WLY Complete Save on my bank statement?

If you notice a WLY Complete Save charge on your bank statement and do not recall signing up, follow these steps:

  1. Check Your Email for Confirmation: Look for any emails confirming your subscription to WLY Complete Save.
  2. Log In to WLY Complete Save: Access your account on the WLY Complete Save website to review your membership details.
  3. Contact WLY Complete Save Customer Service: Reach out to their support team to clarify the charge and request cancellation if needed.

How can I stop future charges for WLY Complete Save?

To avoid future charges from WLY Complete Save:

  1. Be Cautious of Free Trials: Always read the terms and conditions of free trials and promotional offers.
  2. Monitor Your Subscriptions: Keep track of all subscriptions and memberships to avoid unexpected charges.
  3. Set Reminders: If you sign up for a trial, set a reminder to cancel before the trial period ends to avoid automatic charges.

How Does the WLY Complete Save Charge Appear?

On your bank statement, the WLY Complete Save charge may appear under various descriptions, such as:

  • WLY*CompleteSave
  • WLY Complete Save
  • CompleteSave.co.uk (or other variations based on the region)

How to Cancel WLY*Complete Save Membership

To cancel your WLY Complete Save membership:

  1. Log In to Your Account: Visit the WLY Complete Save website and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to Membership Settings: Find the option to manage or cancel your membership.
  3. Follow the Cancellation Steps: Complete the process by following the on-screen instructions.

How to Get Your Money Back from WLY Complete Save

If you believe you were charged in error or want a refund for your WLY Complete Save membership, follow these steps:

Contact WLY Complete Save Customer Service Team

Contact their customer service team by phone or email. Provide your membership details and explain why you are requesting a refund.

Provide Relevant Information

Have your bank statement, membership confirmation email, and any other relevant information ready to support your refund request.

Request a Refund Within 30 Days

For the best chance of getting a refund, request it within 30 days of the charge appearing on your bank statement.

Follow Up on Your Request

If you do not receive a response or resolution promptly, follow up with the customer service team to ensure your request is being processed.

Contact Your Bank

If you cannot resolve the issue with WLY Complete Save, contact your bank to dispute the charge. Provide them with all relevant information to support your case.

Understanding Unauthorized WLY Complete Save Charges

Unauthorized WLY Complete Save charges can occur due to accidental sign-ups, free trial conversions, or even fraudulent activity. To prevent such charges:

  • Monitor Your Bank Statements Regularly: Check your statements for unfamiliar charges.
  • Use Secure Payment Methods: Ensure your payment details are safe and only shared with trusted sources.
  • Report Suspicious Activity: Immediately report any suspicious or unauthorized charges to your bank.


The WLY Complete Save bank charge can confuse account holders, typically indicating a membership to a discount program. If you see this charge unexpectedly, check for confirmation emails, log in to the WLY Complete Save website to review your membership, or contact their customer service. To avoid future charges, be cautious with free trials, monitor your subscriptions, and set reminders to cancel unwanted services. Regularly check your bank statements and use secure payment methods to protect against unauthorized charges.